“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! It (Laurel’s presentation) was so great! Your wisdom, knowledge and sincerity truly helped to connect to our students and definitely with the parents. We will definitely have you in again next year – for a much longer session!!”

Tensy Paul Kalaparambath, Teacher, St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre, Toronto, ON

"When I saw that our school was hosting a parent workshop and Laurel Crossley was the speaker, I signed up immediately! Her workshop taught me so much about about myself as a person, my parenting and what type of family life I aspired to have. Laurel inspired me to let go and simplify my family life. I am so thankful to have met her and have the opportunity to attend her workshop to become a better me!”

"Laurel is a dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable speaker.  Weaving in her witty humour while interacting with the audience, she covers a range of topics including parenting, children and parent wellness, meditation and self-care.  Laurel is a strong keynote speaker, she will  your audience feeling refreshed, and uplifted." Adrienne Pringle, MMT, RP, MTA

Registered Psychotherapist - Music Therapist Accredited

Good morning my kittens!” Says Mrs. Laurel as she enters our classrooms always with a lovely smile.... She is always so passionate about what she is sharing, it is always a unique experience, but one the children respond to, love, and benefit from. Mrs. Laurel is a wonderful lady, who brightens our days and calms our bodies, sending love always.”

Jenna, ECE, The Chartwell House Early Learning Centre, Oakville, ON

"Laurel is a beautiful light on this planet. She spreads love, joy and laughter through all her speaking engagements. Everyone feels safe, loved, guided and ready to heal through her words and meditations. Laurel is  filled with such compassion, wisdom and knowledge. What a gift and I am so blessed to know her. Thank you are golden!"

Heidi Martin, Heidi Martin Wellness Inc.

Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach Trainer

"Laurel Crossley .... eloquently spoke to the theme (Simply Blossoming Women's Retreat) while weaving in thought-provoking questions and humour during her talk. She presents with an ease that helps all audiences feel immediately comfortable when she speaks. I highly recommend Laurel as a speaker because of her professionalism, knowledge and vast experience with different speaking venues and audiences.  She is a unique and dynamic speaker." 

Founder & Franchisor

Beyond the Classroom In Home Tutoring