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To Understand Your New Role in the New World? 

To Connect Self to Source and Source to Self?

Are you seeking to understand a new way of life that best supports you? 

Have you always wanted to access your intuition on a deeper, more profound level tapping into universe and source? 

Are you looking to find a new community that supports your thoughts and thinking? 

Then you are ReIntegration Ready!!


Having assisted thousands of clients on their personal paths, Heidi and Laurel will take you on a magnificent journey of self discovery and help you answer:

1. Who Am I in the New World? (Mar 4th, 2022) 12 noon

2. Where do I belong in the New World? (Apr 4th, 2022) 12 noon

3. How Do I Recognize My Soul Connections (May 4th, 2022) 12 noon

4. How Do I Launch With Love onto My Soul’s Path (Jun 4th, 2022) 12 noon


Each 2 hour session will feature a meditation, angel/faerie card reading, crystal work and MUCH more!!

Investment: $444 + GST

Location: Zoom 

Recorded: Yes for those who attended the live session

Discussion Time: Yes

Homework: Yes 

Limited Registration: Yes 12 participants