"Sometimes it takes the strength of a revolution to keep your heart tender."

Her Story:

Nicolle leads with Creativity in all she does. She is a Certified Addiction Counselor CAC II with a BFA in Theatre. Yes, Theatre! Following the creative impulse has led her to create her own unique Creative Journaling for Self-Care programs to help many recover and grow. In 2020, she became author of a book for journaling for Family Self care, called Just the Two of Us  Her professional expertise is a result of her distinct and unique careers in Counseling, Theatre, Writing and Teaching. 

She is also a published author,  Just the Two of Us (a soft place for tender hearts to land) and is excited to be published in two books in 2021!  A contributing author of two new books, Transformational Journaling for Coaches & Clients: The Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing (Routledge Press)  and the Great Book of Journaling (Mango Publishing) Nicolle is also a Jessie Award nominated actress (CAEA), playwright (PGC ) and Keynote Speaker. She lives in a small seaside community on Vancouver Island with her husband and son. For more about her work, 


How Nicolle’s Coaching Works:

Nicolle offers a free initial 20 min conversation to answer questions, to connect and ensure a good fit. Keeping a journal while working together is key, but not to worry, no formal writing required! Creative Journaling is not about perfect or pretty, it is about landing on the page to process.  I began this work with my son (age 4) after our family experienced a traumatic car accident, you can read more about this and the tender-hearted approach to journaling in my book, Just the Two of Us.  Coaching sessions take place via Zoom, 60 minutes in length.

Areas of Service:

Nicolle’s coaching supports parents and their children (ages 4 and up) to have a soft place to land, holding space for parents when families are undergoing transition or difficult times like family upset, trauma & addiction. Using creative journaling and creative expression as an access point for connection and healing. 


Number of Sessions:

Depends on the situation but usually 1- 3 sessions. 


$125 CAD for 60 minutes due upon receipt.


Do Benefits Cover the Costs:

Nicolle’s services are NOT currently covered under insurance.

Happy Family

Subject:  Addiction and Parenting


Scenario: A parent starts to feel that alcohol is an obstacle & affecting family life


Story:  Parent of two (ages 4 & 6) is aware that his drinking is affecting his home life. His relationship with his wife and his kids is being affected. With Nicolle’s certification in Addiction counseling, she is able to assess, educate and present recommendations and options for help as well as how to repair family relations. A follow-up support coaching session was booked. 


Outcome:  Parent is able to seek help early, has an action plan in place and a support network. What was an obstacle, is now an opportunity for change & growth. Family has their spouse and father back!

Family at a Beach

Subject: Family transition 


Scenario:  New family structure after a separation/divorce


Story: 11 year old is anxious, defiant and lacks interest in daily activities. Parent is overwhelmed, adjusting to the new role as a single parent. Nicolle completed a coaching session with Mom, with several recommendations including using creative journaling to inspire, discover and build a new routine with shared interests together.


Outcome:  Parent & child are able to re-connect again through shared creative journal activity, develop a new routine at home using creative journaling that sparks new & fun conversations.


P.S. Parent is delighted to have a common shared journal together. She splurges on stickers!