Kiddo Testimonials:

“She makes me have an open mindset. She made me calm down and forget about all my worries with her magical powers. She has the power to open kids mindsets!!!” (Age 8)

“Laurel is amazing, calms people, she’s like a miracle worker. Everything she does is unbelievable. She has the power to calm people. She is an incredible human being."  (Age 11)

"She is a very enthusiastic person. She loves working with people and is always happy! She is like a teddy bear.”


“Before Laurel gave me advice on how to sleep properly, I felt very exhausted and sleepy everyday I had to go to school.  After Laurel gave me advice, I felt well-rested and not sleepy anymore.  I think Laurel’s advice is really good because she finds out what your problem is and finds a solution for you.  I had to work hard on my homework from Laurel for the first couple of weeks, and then I was able to just fall asleep without thinking of it.  Before I used to wake up all the time and call in my Mommy and Daddy, but after Laurel’s advice, sleeping was much easier.” (Age 8)

Laurel's Story:

For over 25 years, Laurel has been supporting family wellness through her offline and online coaching.​

Her coaching began in the Indigenous community as a Job Search coach helping those who had lost jobs not only find and secure employment but housing and childcare as well. It was this Indigenous cultural experience that exposed her to the connection of mind, body and spirit as it supports personal wellness as well as the profound need to connect with all of earth's gifts as a key element of wellness. 

When Laurel became pregnant with her first child, she decided to launch her own private coaching practice to spend more time with her toddler. Motherhood came with many unexpected twists and turns which is when she started to focus her work on supporting moms with her company Opti-Mom. Moms kept asking for her advice on how to best support their children and so in 2010 Laurel re-focused her coaching practice to working with children (and their families) specific to issues related to anxiety (something she struggled with and overcame).


Her Work:

Laurel's life-long passion and work with children (including her background in Child Studies from Brock University) includes program development , numerous speaking engagements that support family wellness and her international, online conference for families, Children's Wellness International supporting the whole child wellness.


How Laurel's Coaching Works:

Every family books a FREE, 20 minute, initial conversation with Laurel via Zoom to ensure that there is a bond; SO important in successfully working with kids. Through a simple wellness assessment that Laurel developed, she and the child will uncover specific areas the child wishes to change. Together they will find strategies that best support each child's unique needs.

Each 30 minute session is full of humour and play-based activities to ensure the child is fully engaged in the process. 

What Can Laurel Help With:

Laurel's coaching supports kids ages 4 - 18 who are highly sensitive and are dealing with issues such as anxiety/worry, sleep issues, bullying as just a few examples.

How Many Sessions Will Be Reqired:

Each child requires a different number of sessions but typically 2 - 5 30 minute sessions do the trick!

How Much:

$80 CAD for 30 minutes due upon receipt.

Do Benefits Cover the Costs:

Laurel's services are NOT currently covered under insurance.

Parent Testimonials: 


"There are not many who I would trust with her gentle spirit, but you I would" 2020

"You are such a gift." 2020

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