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"Because Every Child Deserves to Live Well!"™

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We are here to help you understand:

  • what wellness is and how it can help you feel great!

  • how wellness can support how "well" you do at school or how to make great friends

  • your interests and hobbies and connect you other kids just like you (like dance, hockey, rock collecting


AND we are connecting with kids all around the world that ALL want to make the planet healthy for the people, animals, plants and oceans because WE can do it together!!

Your Kids Membership access includes:

  • Access to programs like Meditating Munchkins™ Kids Program and Crazy for Crystals™ 

  • Videos by Kid Experts with practical tips and strategies that support wellness

  • OMWork™ sheets for kids to practice mindfulness activities

All this for *$197 per year! AND add a Family Membership for only $50 (reg $!97)