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Karen Williams

The journey is about progress, not perfection”


Her Story:

Karen’s story has always been about supporting others. She has been in the helping profession for the past 25 years; her focus has always been empowering women. From counselling women fleeing domestic violence in her early career to the last 15 focused on prevention and education. But here’s the twist: As she was helping everyone else, she forgot about her own needs. Everyone else came first. Her kids, her spouse, her job. She was there as an ear for people, whenever they needed it. She was the one that people came to, she was always showing up. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with burnout that things started to change and she began to put herself first. Now, as a certified Life & Wellness coach and Reiki master, she helps busy Moms to prioritize themselves so they can reduce their stress, increase their energy and find some inner peace. Karen knows that a healthy Mom means a healthy family. Tired of being at the bottom of your own to-do list? Connect with Karen so she can support you in creating a life you love. 



How Karen’s Coaching Works:

Karen offers a free initial 15 min conversation to answer questions, to connect and ensure a good fit. Coaching sessions take place via Zoom, 60 minutes in length. Her coaching methods are intentional and effective, positioning you to explore and find the answers you need from within.

Areas of Service:

Karen’s coaching supports Moms who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. She will support you in taking the steps you need to take care of you so that you can better attend to everything and everyone else in your life.


Number of Sessions:

Depending on the situation but typically between 5-8. 

Hourly Rate:

$107 CAD for 60 minutes due upon receipt. Packages are also available. 


Do Benefits Cover the Costs:

Karen’s services are NOT currently covered under insurance.

Happy Family

Subject: Adoption


Scenario: New family structure after adoption of two older children.


Story: Mom feeling excited as two children (aged 7 & 9) joined their family through adoption. Needs of children soon became all consuming which was causing stress in the home and Mom became overwhelmed and anxious. Karen coached Mom on how to meet her own needs using many tools including boundary setting and being mindful of when her energy was being depleted. 


Outcome:  Mom continues to use the tools to put herself first. She is aware of when she needs to take action to make sure her own cup is full and can see clearly how this has an impact on the overall energy in her home. 

Mom and a Child

Subject: Communication Strategies


Scenario: New place in life after joining partners family.


Story: Client moved in to partners home with his children. She was feeling unsettled, not sure where she ‘fit’ and was questioning whether this was the right move. Karen coached client on how to have an open conversation with her partner about how she was feeling and also how to have conversations with family members who had their own opinions and were bringing her down.


Outcome: Client was able to have successful communication and set healthy boundaries with family which made her feel secure and confident in her decision.