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Her Story:

Alannah's story began when she first struggled with anxiety at the age of 6 and continued until her high school years. Depsite her anxiety and inability to attend school regularly, she maintained her academic gradepoint and graduated an Ontario Scholar with her classmates. 

Unsure of her own career path, it was during a discussion with her mom, Laurel Crossley that she might want to pursue Coaching as a career choice since so many of her classmates and friends were asking her for advice. 

Alannah graduated from Rhodes Wellness College with her Life Coach Certificate as one of the youngest students in her program.Her Coaching Practice and youth/young adult programs (art and writing) are highly popular due to her young age and love for her clients and their success!


How Alannah's Coaching Works:

Alannah offers a free initial 20 min conversation to ensure she is a GREAT fit with the youth and their parents. 

Sessions take place on zoom and range between 45 and 60 minutes.

What Can Alannah Help With:

Alannah's expertise comes from a combination of lived experience and her coaching designation. 

She is an amazing support in the LGBTQ+ community with youth that are transitioning as well as young adults in the ASD community wanting to pursue career or job assistance.


How Many Sessions Will Be Required:

Typically between 5 - 10 depending on the coaching required.

How Much:

$75 CAD for 60 minutes due upon receipt.


Do Benefits Cover the Costs:

SOME coaching is covered by benefits - check with your individual EAP or benefits provider

Game Face

Subject:  Story Writing


Scenario: 25 year old illustrator wanting to add a story to their illustrations.


Story:  Parents had been helping the young adult (diagnosed with ASD) with both the artwork and storyline. Alannah was invited in to build out the process as parents were busy with their own careers.  With Alannah's keen interest in art and writing, she was able to help the client finish the book and they are now working on new projects.


Outcome:  Client is continuing to work with Alannah as part of both her art and writing weekly programs with a vision to create a new story line based on video game characters!

Child Artist

Subject:  Transgender Youth


Scenario: 15 year old needing support to come out to friends and family


Story:   coming soon!


Outcome:  coming soon!