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Laurel Crossley

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Life Guide | Intuitive | Speaker

Ph: 905-484-9101 Em:
In memory of dear, sweet Spirit (keeper of the rubber chicken) 2006 - 2019
Photo credit: Heidi Martin
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Laurel has been Guiding and Coaching her Clients through life's situations for over 30 years with astounding results.

Fraught with giggling, guffawing and snorting, her fun, loving and sensitive approach makes her a GREAT coach for kids and adults alike!

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Let Laurel Guide You On your Life Path

Life Guiding

Intuitive Session - NEW!

Sometimes you need to listen to your fellow Coaches and Clients when they tell you .... "GET YOUR INTUITIVE SESSIONS GOING!!!"

And so, Laurel paid attention and tra la la ... here we are - LOL!

Intuitive Sessions are designed to help get immediate answers to life questions.

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who laurel works with - Life Guiding

Laurel works with those that are seeking to change situations (eg work and employment) or behaviours (eg anxiety and worry).

Her clients range in age from 3 - 70+ years of age.

The process - Life guiding

We begin with a 30 minute get to know you session to ensure that our vibe is connected!

Based on the initial conversation, the process (number and focus of sessions) will be uniquely designed for every client (age 3 and up).

Kids sessions are half hour (up to age 18) and and Adult sessions are an hour.